Renal cell Carcinoma

Mian Naushad Ali


Renal cell carcinoma and transitional cell carcinoma consitutie more than 90% of malignant renal tumours. Renal cell carcinoma represent 1.6% of all mallignant neoplasm in the UK and 3% of all neoplsm in the Usa. The disease is more common in male than in female, 2:1, and the peak incidence is between 5th and 7th decades. In the USa in 1993, an estimated 27,000 new cases were diagnosed and 11,000 deaths were estimated to occur from this disease. in the UK approximately 3,500 will be diagnosed and over 2,000 death from this disease are expected to occur. there are case report of renal cell carcinoma occuring in children and young adults.

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