Management of Whistle as a Foreign body Tracheobrocnchial Tree

Arif Raza Khan, Noor Sahib Khan


to assess the manajgement of whistle as a foeign body tracheobronachial tree and to know the measures for its avoidance. This is a descriptive study carried out prospectively at the department of ENT LRH, Peshawar for a period of three years. Those patients having any other foreign body except metallic whistle in tracheobronchial tree were excluded from the study. In all patients the foreign bodies were removed using Karl Storz bronchoscope. This study included two hundred and twnety cases, mostly the young adults belonging to average socioeconomic class. It is concluded that mostly foeign bodies lodge in right main bronchus. Awareness of hazards of inhaled foreign body may reduce the incidence. 

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