A study of effects of Job stessors on professional working women

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Nuzhat Huma Akhtar


A study was conducted on 150 professional working women of Peshawar, giving equal representation to medical teaching and secretarial professions, to find out the nature of stressors, they faced at job and impacts of these stressors on their physical and physiological well being. A control group of 50 non working women, matching in all respects with the study group, with very minimum history of family stress, was selected for comparison. It was found that less chances of carrier development in the study group as compared to their male colleagues, non involvmeent in decision makin meetings and negative attitude of male colleagues made a working woman metnally upset. Moreover, shift work caused more stress on them than the fixed time job. As the rule of strict pre employement and periodic medical check up was not observed, the job related illness, if any, could not be detected in time. 27.33% of the respondents in the study group were found to have physical or psychological illnesses as compared to 12% in control group.

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