Surgical treament of Pulmonary hydatid Disease

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Amer Bilal
Muhammad Saleem
Asif Nadeem
Sharif Jan
Shoaib Nabi


To study the outcome of surgical treatment of pulmonary hydatid disease. This study comprised of two hundred patients, operated for pulmonary hydatid disease in Cardiothoracic unit LRH, Peshawar from 01/07/1990 to 30/06/2000. The preoperative work up, apart from history and examiantion included FBC, LFTs, blood grouping, Chest X-ray PA and Lateral view, Casoni's test haemagghitination test, Ultra sound abdomen and hcest, and CT thoracic. patients were operated fro cystectomy, lobectomy decortication, thoracoplasty and combined pulmonary and hepatic cystectomy as required. All patients were put on post oeratively mebendazole for at least 28 days. Patients were followed up for complication. Two hundred patients underwent surgery for pulmonary hydatid cyst over a ten years period. Operations performed were cystectomy 168, Lobectomy 24 (primary 18, revision 6), decotications 13 and 1 thoracoplasty. Mortality was 4/200 i.e. 2%. The main / major morbidity was air leak for which 9/200 patients were re-explored, with resuturing in 3 cases and secondary lobectomy in 6. Cystectomy, without needle aspiration, was found to be the procedure of choice for pulmonary hydatid.

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Bilal A, Saleem M, Nadeem A, Jan S, Nabi S. Surgical treament of Pulmonary hydatid Disease. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2011 Sep. 23 [cited 2023 Dec. 7];17(1). Available from:
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