Cutaneous Leishmanuiasis in Pakistan; How to go about it

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Shiraz Jamal Khan
Syed Muneeb


Leishmaniasis is a major health problem worldwide. It is also a problem especially of the rural Pakistan. It occurs in varying presentations, from theself limiting, even self healing cutaneous to fatal systemic disease. The disease can manifest itself in maniasis. Cutaneous leishmaniasis, can cause a lesion anywhere on the body but the most likely sites for these lesions are the exposed aprts. The lesion rapidly gives rise to a harsh looking large ulcer. Systemic Leishmaniasis is rarer in Pakistan and invariabley fatal if not treated promptly. It affects the internal body organs, particularly the spleen and the liver. Leishmaniasis is transmitted by an infected female sandfly. Patients usually have a single self healing ulcer which may sometimes need local treatment.

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