At the end of the text, under the subheading “Conflict of interest”, all authors must disclose any financial and personal relationships with other people or organizations that could inappropriately influence (bias) their work.

Examples of financial conflicts include employment, consultancies, stock ownership, honoraria, paid expert testimony, patents or patent applications, and travel grants, all within 3 years of beginning the work submitted.

If there are no conflicts of interest, authors should state that.

All authors are required to provide a signed statement of their conflicts of interest as part of the author’s declaration.

The Conflict of Interest statements for each author should be stated separately - e.g.

Muhammad Haris declares that he has no conflict of interest.

Hajira Bashir has received research grants from Pharmaceutical Company X.

Khan Afzal has received a speaker honorarium from Pharmaceutical Company Y.

Majid Khan, received a travel grant from Pharmaceutical Company Y to attend an international conference.

If multiple authors declare no conflict, it should be written in one sentence:

Muhammad Haleem, Umar Raheem, Zeeshan Khan, and Ashfaq Javed declare that they have no conflict of interest.

JPMI will publish a conflict-of-interest statement for each article.