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Tehmina Butt
Shahnaz Akhtar


Objective: To find out the out come of term pregnancy in women with previous one caesarean section.

Material and Methods: This descriptive type of study was conducted in the department of Obstetrics and

Gynaecology, Gynae "A" unit, Postgraduate Medical Institute, Reading Hospital Peshawar from January

1998 to December 1999. During this time period, 211 patients were selected to be included in the study. It

included all patients with previous one caesarean section with 37 completed weeks or above. All patients

with gestation less than 37 completed weeks, previous more than one caesarean section or scarred uterus

due to some other cause were excluded form the study.

Results: Patients were divided with previous caesarean section for recurrent or non-recurrent cause. Total

patients with former indication were 90 (42.65%). Out of these 28.9% (n=26) were delivered by elective

repeat caesarean section, 47.8% (n=43) had emergency repeat caesarean section and 23.3% (n=21) had

vaginal delivery. Total patients with non-recurrent cause for previous caesarean section were 121

(57.35%). Out of these 121 cases, 76 cases (62.8%) were delivered vaginally and 42 cases (34.71%) by

emergency repeat caesarean section due to failed-VBAC (Vaginal birth after caesarean section) and 3

cases (2.48%) had elective c-section. The study also revealed perinatal mortality of 14.12% in emergency

repeat caesarean section group. These were more pronounced in women having unmonitored trial of labour

outside the hospital.

Conclusion: It is concluded that well monitored trial of scar leads to increased percentage of vaginal

deliveries, which is a contribution towards bringing down the rising caesarean section rate.

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