Analysis of 28 Closed Mitral Valvotomies

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Pervez Mannan


During the period of 1st March 1988 to 28th February 1989 there were 28 closed mitral valvotomy operations at PGMI, LRH, Peshawar. There were 10 males and 18 females. Majority of patients were in younger age group of under 30 years. Mitral valve area (MVA) ranged from 0.7 to 1.8 cm2 with over 70% with MVA of 1 cm2 or less. Gradient across the mitral valve ranged from 10 to 55 mm Hg. Severe pulmonary artery hypertension was recorded in 9 cases. Cases with calcification of mitral valve, significant mitral regurgitation (MR) or aortic regurgitation were not accepted for closed mitral valvotomy.

There were no operative, on table deaths. Post-operatively two deaths occurred (7%). Both these cases were in congestive cardiac failure; they had atrial fibrillation, severe mitral stenosis with high gradient across their mitral valves and severe pulmonary hypertension. The remaining surviving cases had very rewarding symptomatic improvement at short term follow up.

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