Gunshot Injuries Of the Chest

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Obaid Ullah
Tahir Hassan
Taj Muhammad


This is a study of 33 gun-shot injuries of the chest. Average age was 23.5 years. The most frequent causes were accidental and homicidal injuries. (42.4% each). Rifle was the most frequently used weapon. Haemothorax occurred in 14 cases and there were 8 thoraco-abdominal injuries.  A high percentage of patients (23 cases:   69.7%) were managed by tube thoracostomy alone. Only 23 of these patients developed empyema which required late thoracoctomy. Ten patients needed only local debridement and dressing as they had only soft and superficial tissue injuries. The diaphragmatic injuries in 8 patients were repaired through abdominal approach. No complication or death occurred post-operatively.

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