Correlation of Female Parity to Common perianal Conditions

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Muhammad Aziz Wazir
Tayyaba Mazhar
Umar Wazir


the objective of this study was to demonstrate a positive correlation between female parity and the occurrence of four common perianal conditions. We conducted a decriptive study, by interviewing female patients coming to the surgical out patient department or the casulaty department complaining of any of the four perianal conditions (perianal fistulae, perianal abscessess, hemorrhoids, and anal fissures). the patients were questioned about parity and past history. fifty patients were examined and investigated. In the cases of hemorrhoids, anal fissures and to a great extent perianal fistulae a psoitive correlation between aprity and perianal diseasee is easily discernible. The disease are more prevalent in patients in their reporductive year (twenties to forties), which is in keeping with this assessement. However resultsmay warrant a more specific study, with a larger sampling of patients. 

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Wazir MA, Mazhar T, Wazir U. Correlation of Female Parity to Common perianal Conditions. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2011 Oct. 7 [cited 2023 May 31];19(1). Available from:
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