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Nazir Shah
Aman Ullah
Salma Attaullah


Objective: To determine the prevalence of insulin resistance in patients of type-2 diabetes mellitus in

population of NWFP, using the National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel-III

definition of insulin resistance,(modified for Asians)

Material and Methods: This analytical study was performed in Fauji Foundation Hospital and

Hayatabad Medical Complex Peshawar. Two hundred and eighty patients of type-2 diabetes mellitus of age

30 or above were included from the hospital OPD and wards. Those patients, who were having high waist

circumference because of reasons other than abdominal fat like pregnancy, ascites, abdominal tumors etc,

were excluded from the study. Patients with severe infection and inflammatory conditions were also

excluded. All the patients were examined for waist circumference and blood pressure, and investigated for

fasting blood sugar, triglyceride and S HDL. The above mentioned criteria was applied to know whether a

patients is insulin resistant or not.

Results: Two hundred & eighty patients of Type-2 diabetes mellitus were collected randomly from the

hospital OPD. Ninety-five were males and 185 were females. Seventy eight percent 78% (n=219) of the

patients were fulfilling the criteria for metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance). The prevalence of

metabolic syndrome was almost equal in male 77% (n=73) and females 79% (n=146). The ratio of central

obesity was more in the females 78% (n=144) than in the males 70% (n=67). The total prevalence of

hypertension was 71% (n=199). The ratio of hypertension was more in the male 75% (n=71) than in the

female 67% (n=124).

Conclusion: Insulin resistance is very common in type-2 diabetes mellitus. Treating the insulin resistance

with insulin sensitizing drugs will prove beneficial regarding the diabetic control and prevention of its

macro vascular complications.

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