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Muhammad Ayub Khan
Kifayat Khan
Muhammad Imran
Younas Khan
Arshad Kamal
Muhammad Jehangir Khan


Objective: To assess the various causes or factors leading to dehiscence of incised surgical wounds of the abdomen in children.

Material and Methods: The record and charts of all patients who developed dehiscence of the abdominal wounds after operation for various diseases were reviewed and data was collected. The age, sex, timing of surgery, reason for surgery, place of primary surgery, operating experience of surgeon, type of suture material, surgical technique, associated medical conditions, nutritional status and the use of per operative antibiotics were the variables which were analyzed. Different causes of wound dehiscence were assessed and analyzed.

Results: During the period of 12 months 22 patients developed wound dehiscence. Age ranged from 3 days to 10 years. There were 13 male and 9 female patients. The reason for primary surgery was: intussusceptions in 2 patients; worm obstruction: 2; colostomy for recto vaginal fistula: 3; colostomy closure: 3; posterior saggital anorectoplasty combined with abdominal approach: 1; abdominal injuries (blunt & penetrating): 5; enteric perforation: 3; mass abdomen: 2 ; band obstruction and subsequent anastomotic leak:1. Two patients died during the treatment. 17 patients developed complete burst which was repaired while 5 patients were treated conservatively and developed incisional hernia.

Conclusion: Wound dehiscence was commonly seen in patients with abdominal wound infection, peritonitis and malnutrition. Control of infection, correction of anemia and malnutrition along with strict adherence to surgical principles plays a vital role in preventing the dreaded complication of abdominal wound dehiscence.

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Khan MA, Khan K, Imran M, Khan Y, Kamal A, Khan MJ. DEHISCENCE OF LAPARATOMY WOUNDS IN CHILDREN. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2011 Aug. 17 [cited 2024 Apr. 12];23(4). Available from:
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