Gross Anaemia in Children: A Report of 200 Cases

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Muhammad Imran
M.A. Siddiqui


200 patients with gross anaemias in childen have been worked up in detail. A classification has been given on the basis of etiology. Five groups have been identified into nutritional (41%), hemolytic (27%), hemorrhagic (7%), aplastic (5.5%) and undiagnosed (4.5%). The nutritional group is further divided in pure iron deficiency (27%), megaloblastic (7%) and mixed (7%). The hemolytic group is again divided into thalassemia major (19%), chronic malaria (4%), G-6-PD deficiency (2%), thalassemia trait with sickle cell (1%), thalassemia trait with Hb C/E (0.5%) and ABO incompatibility (0.5%); other groups of anaemias are  discussed in detail. A review of literature has been made. Details of diagnosis of anaemia in children have been given and certain conclusions have been drawn.

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Imran M, Siddiqui M. Gross Anaemia in Children: A Report of 200 Cases. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2011 Aug. 18 [cited 2024 Jun. 13];2(1). Available from:
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