Peflacin (Pefloxacin) in the treatment of Typhoid Fever

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Muhammad Ilyas Saeedi
Muhammad Ali Khan
S. Musanif Shah
Masood ur Rehman
Mushtaq Ahmad
Tariq Zubair


Twenty Five patients (mean age of 23.9 years) with clinical diagnosis of typhoid fever supported with positive widal test and / or blood / bone marrow culture were included in the trial. Most of the patient had already used Chloramphenicol and Amoxycillin without any effect. Peflacin (Pefloxacin) was administered orally to all patients at a daily dose of 800mg (400 mg B.D) for seven days. Clinical cure was achieved in all patients and 90% of them were apyrexial on the 4th day of treatment. They remained apyrexial for 4 weeks after completion of treatment. Patient compliance was god and well tolerated the drug.

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Saeedi MI, Khan MA, Shah SM, Rehman M ur, Ahmad M, Zubair T. Peflacin (Pefloxacin) in the treatment of Typhoid Fever. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2011 Aug. 28 [cited 2024 Jun. 21];9(1). Available from:
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