Stab Wounds Abdomen: An experience with 105 laparotomies

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Afzal Khan


We present a prospective study of 120 patients of stab wounds of abdomen to evaluate factors responsible for negative laparatomies and increased morbidity and mortality. Males were commonly involved (male - 112, Female = 8). Eighty four patients (70%) had sustained wounds to other parts of the body besides having abdominal stabs. One hundred and five patients (87.5%) underwent surgery with 18 (17.1%)negative laparotomies. Complication rate was 25.7%. mortality of the operated cases was 16.1% while none of the conservatively treated patients died. Hypovolaemia and sepsis were the common causes of morbidity and mortality. Delay in management was a vital factor aggravating sepsis. Selective conservative approach couple with latest diagnostic facilities and meticulous monitoring of the patients can avoid many negative laparotomies.

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