Surgery for meidastinal disease

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Zahoor Ahmad Khan
Amir Bilal
Shahkar Ahmad Shah
Muhammad Israr


146 patients of mediastinal pathology were operated upon in cardiothoracic unit, Govt. Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar. Ages ranged from 5 years to 67 years with mean age of 36.3 years. Male to Female ratio was 90 to 56 respectively. Ningty nine anterolateral thoracotomies 17 (ii) median sternotomy  22 (iii) cervical collar incision 5 (iv) cervical collar and sternotomy 3. All patients had x-ray but only 42 had CT scan. The diagnostic group of 99 patients had tuberculosis (24), sarcoidoses  (3), lymphoma (55) and carcinomas (17). Histology break up of 47 therapeutic cases was (i) Goitres 8 (ii) Thymomas 29 (iii) Thymic cyst 3 (iv) Dermoid 4 (V) Pleuro pericardial cyst 1 (vi) malignant thymomas 2. Mortality was 4.7% i.e. 7 cases out of 146 died. Morbidity was in the form of 7 air leak (4.7%), 9 wound infection 6.16%) and haemorrhage 2(13%).

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Khan ZA, Bilal A, Shah SA, Israr M. Surgery for meidastinal disease. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2011 Sep. 12 [cited 2024 Jul. 19];13(2). Available from:
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