Aetiology Factors of Infertility

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Rehana Rahim
Shamim S. Majeed


The study was conducted to find out frequency and aetiological factors of infertility in both partners. The study was conducted in department of gynae B unit LRH, Peshawar from 1990 to 1999. The population sample was patients presenting to gynae outpatient clinic. Patients presenting with primary and secondary infertility were in included in the study. Both male and female partners were investigated fully and then included in the study. Male factors contribute to infertility in more than half of cases and should constitute one of the preliminary steps while investigating these couples, and should be excluded before subjecting the female partner to invasive investigations. Teh tubal patency disturbances were responsible for infertility in more than half females being investigated for infertility and thus, there is an important role of preventative measures to reduce the incidence of ascending pelvic infections. 

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