Mini-Cholecystectomy: Experience of 324 cases

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Mahmud Aurangzeb
Muhammad Izaz Hashmi


To determine the freqeunt the frequency of patients with symptomatic galllstones in whom a chlecystectomy could safely be accomplished through a 5cm or less mini-lap incision. This is a retrospective study of 324 consecutive cases of symptomatic gallstones that underwent cholcystectomy through a 5cm or less transverse sub-costal incision, from June 1996 to June 2001, a total period of five years. the study was conducted at the surgical deparrtment of Khyber Teaching Hospital Peshawar. The study clearly confirmed that a mini lap cholecystectomy. which boasis many advantages over conventional open cholecystectomy, is a safe and viable alternative to laparsocpic cholecystecomy and can be performed in the vast majority of patients with symptomatic gallstones. 

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