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Muhammad Ahmed Khan
Sumera Akram
Hassan Bin Usman
Ghazanfar Ali


Objective: To compare frenulotomy versus frenulectomy in cases of ankylo- glossia in terms of post operative improvement in speech and feeding difficul- ties in children.

Methodology: This study was carried out in Combined Military Hospital (CMH), Bahawalpur. Total 64 cases of tongue tie were selected from outpatient depart- ment. The cases were randomly divided into two groups. In group A, children underwent frenulectomy via Z-plasty and in group B they had frenulotomy i.e. release of tongue tie with bipolar diathermy. Postoperative improvement in speech and feeding problems was assessed in both groups.

Results: Mean age of children in the study was 2.79 ±1.01 years. There were 45 (70.3%) males and 19 (29.7%) females. Group A, had significantly better im- provement in speech as compared to group B (p =0.000). regarding breast feeding, both procedures showed almost similar improvement (p =0.224).

Conclusion: Frenulectomy was superior to frenulotomy as far as post operative speech is concerned; however, both procedures were almost equally effective in improving feeding problems (breast feeding) in babies with tongue ties.


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Khan MA, Akram S, Usman HB, Ali G. COMPARISON OF FRENULOTOMY VERSUS FRENULECTOMY IN CASES OF ANKYLOGLOSSIA. J Postgrad Med Inst [Internet]. 2018 Jul. 5 [cited 2024 Jul. 19];32(2). Available from:
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Muhammad Ahmed Khan

Maj Dr Muhammad Ahmed Khan

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